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Welcome to Our Home on the Net

Welcome to the web-page of the Southwest Embryology Summit.  We are a small, but dedicated group of embryologists working to put together a fun, interactive, learning experience geared towards embryologists.  Our format is created to foster discussion and interaction among speakers and participants.  If we get your brain moving, we have accomplished our goal.

Thank you all for joining us at our 2018 conference.  From everyone on the board, we appreciate your support and feedback.  This year's conference was a success and we are already planning 2019.  If you have ideas about future speakers, suggestions, or anything you think we should know, please don't hesitate to contact one of us.  Check back in late spring for more details!

We are now able to accept participant registration payments at the venue.  If you wish to attend, hop on a plane or get in your car and show up!  We'll take care of everything when you get there.

Time marches on until our next meeting:

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