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As much as we have fought to not make this decision, the SWES board has finally succumbed to the current surge in COVID cases, particularly in Arizona and made the sad decision to cancel SWES 2021.  Our concerns are that many embryologists and vendors will not be able or willing to travel to Arizona in January, and that we will not be able to maintain social distancing throughout the meeting.  We have had multiple discussions on whether to try something online in January 2021 and decided that many others are currently filling that space in spectacular ways and that is not what we view as our strength.  We are committed to bringing embryologists together to learn from one another, to encourage professional development and to provide networking opportunities for all levels of embryologists.  While some of these can be done online, and are being currently done in excellent ways by committed teams of professionals, we feel we would rather keep our focus on our live meeting.

We will reconvene in January 2022 in Phoenix, AZ.

If you are a vendor who has already paid for a speaker slot for 2021, those will be held for you.  If you wish to cancel your registration please let us know, otherwise you will retain the position you have already paid for, at the rate you paid this year.  For now, we are putting our website on hold, removing the vendor options,  and closing registration. We will be sending out new announcements early next year, once we see how this pandemic is shaping up. 

If you have questions, please email anyone on the board and we will be glad to help.

Hope to see everyone in 2022.

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