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Vendor Information

The 9th Annual Southwest Embryology Summit

Sheraton Mesa Hotel at Wrigleyville

January 4 and 5, 2020

The Southwest Embryology Summit thanks all of our sponsors for their continued support. 

Exhibit hours are from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm both days.  All vendors are welcome to attend the keynote address and cocktail hour following the keynote.

As a courtesy to all of our presenters, we ask that tables not be broken down until 4:30 on January 5th.  Tables are in the same room as the presentations and the noise can be distracting.

Booth shipments should arrive the week of the conference.  Booth materials will be delivered to the ballroom on Friday, January 3rd.  See this document for details and contact information

Setup time opens January 3rd - 5pm until 10pm.

If you require power at your table - The cost is $50.  Please fill out this form and return to Jerry Hatfield at the email address on the document.

Below is the table diagram.  Please select your top 3 and email to  Tables will be assigned on a first registered, first selected basis.  We may contact you to select another table.

Table assignments

Cook Medical 1
NextGen LifeLabs 2
CooperSurgical 3
Esco Technologies 4
Kitazato 5
Cryopoint 6
Embryotech 8
Cryos International 9
IVFCryo 10
IVFStore 11
Fairfax EggBank 12
LifeAire 13
Igenomix 14
Seattle Sperm Bank 15
DxNow Inc 16
Reprotech 17
Vitrolife 18
Spectrum Technologies 19
The World Egg Bank 20
Irvine Scientific 21
Hamilton Thorne 22
Ovation Fertility 23
Cryoport 24
ColdStash 25


Below is the address for shipping.  Please contact the hotel directly for shipping questions and concerns.

After the conference, return shipments should be scheduled for Monday, January 6th.  Please have all labels ready for return shipping.  You will then have to call your respective shipping company to schedule pickup.  Please reference the following address for your shipping partner of choice:

Sheraton Mesa hotel at Wrigleyville West

860 North Riverview

Mesa, AZ 85201

Donations will open in the spring, please go to to register and make your donations.  The Southwest Embryology Summit is a registered 501c(3) organization, your donation may be tax deductible. 

If you are planning to pay by check, please also go to the website and register.  There is a field to specify your method of payment.

Vendor donation levels will continue with the three tiered donation structure.  The schedule will remain as formatted in 2016.  Invited speakers will talk in the morning, and vendor talks will be in the afternoon, starting at 2 pm.  Below are the price tiers.

  1. “The Full Monty” - This tier includes a tabletop for displays and a speaker.  This tier is limited to 8 (eight) vendors and are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Registration confirms your intent and payment must be received in full within two weeks if not paid by credit card at the time of registration.  If payment is not received, your slot will be forfeited and given to the next person in queue.  The talks must be scientific, rather than just an ad for your company. Talking about new things in development is always welcome too. All presentations must be approved by the SWES board.  Slides and all relevant information are due to the SWES by September 15th for approval. 
  2. “The Half Nelson” - This tier includes a tabletop only.   This tier is open to all and a table will be provided.
  3. “The Lone Gunman” – This tier gives a vendor admission to the conference.  This is more akin to a participant, with benefits.  You are able to approach participants and talk to them about your company and provide literature, if desired.  

Please let us know if your company is interested in being a vendor and if you intend to sponsor a speaker by clicking here and sending a message.  If you are going to invite someone who is not an employee of your company, then you will be responsible for their registration.  Each company can bring 2 people as part of their registration fee, including a speaker (if applicable).  Additional participants will need to register and pay the nominal registration fee.

SWES has other opportunities for our vendor sponsors to donate and participate.  These opportunities include: 

Co-branded USB drive

Co-branded lanyard

Cocktail hour sponsorship

Lunch sponsorship

Round table lunch sponsorship

Break sponsorship

Please click here to contact us regarding any of these opportunities.

The SWES board thanks every one of our sponsors for their continued participation.  We realize that without you this invaluable resource cannot be realized.  Thank you.